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This site is managed, edited and operated by Harold Swanger, Four Semesters to PhD, Assistant Professor of Humanities at Guilford State University.

I’ve designed this site to serve as a hub for sharing information regarding the whereabouts of Ronald Reagan Middleton, star of the hit reality television show, Clean Time.

If you have any information pertaining to Ronald Reagan’s whereabouts, please email

After Ronald Reagan completed his memoir, CLEAN TIME: THE TRUE STORY OF RONALD REAGAN MIDDLETON, he mailed his first draft to me, Harold Swanger. Then he vanished. Ronald Reagan has not been seen since Columbus Day of last year.

Our DELETED SCENES tab includes: Articles written about RR’s brief but impactful stint on Clean Time and his rise to fame. Additional journal entries and stories written by Ronald Reagan that we were unable to include in the final manuscript.

We are also proud to offer samplings from the RR Middleton Clothing Line, by Jordache$Fitch. Profits will go towards subsidizing publishing costs.

If you have seen Ronald Reagan Middleton, or wish to comment on his memoir please don’t hesitate to reach out via email or the form below. Relevant information will be posted here after it has been vetted.

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