Did Philson and Jackson Co. Test Experimental Drug on TV Addicts?

Sources close to Clean Time and the Rose-Thorn Recovery Center tell us that the controversial drug Nedvedol was administered prior to FDA approval to the addicts on the television show Clean Time. The long-term side effects of the drugs are unknown, and what has been hailed as a cure all for drug addiction, ADD, Depression, and Dyslexia, is reported to be highly addictive. It is also alleged that the drug company flooded the streets in Booth, a rural college town in Guilford County, with the drug. Local small business owner Tom Canada has been implicated in the plot to increase demand for the drug known on the street as tri-bombs, tri-planes, trifocals, pyramids of fire and green goblins, among others. The conspiracy—also believed to include the late Justin Haas—could have led to the murder of Nancy Crane, sister of  local artist and activist, Cindy Crane.

Philson and Jackson did not respond to interview requests.

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