Ronald Reagan Middleton: Turning His Life Around!

A source close to the recovery scene in Booth told us, “I really think Ronald Reagan has made a breakthrough. I really do, he’s doing great. Really great. He needs structure in his life, and I think this is the best place for someone in his situation. His plate has become quite full in a short period of time. Filled not only the fame he’s had to suddenly internalize and process, but with the more tangible job of detox and recovery. We just want him to get better, and for him to succeed in even the smallest increments is wonderful. Don’t you think? I think it’s wonderful.”

But not everyone shares this view. I stopped a random passerby outside Screwdrivers, a local Booth watering hole, who said, “What’s the big fucking deal? The whole country is obsessed with this kid and it’s like watching a train wreck. I have enough shit to deal with that I didn’t bring on myself that I don’t need to worry about some speed freak who can’t get his shit together. Like that one episode where he kept talking about how he wanted to make his parents proud by writing a book. Or that he felt Gasman was being treated unfairly. So contrived, this guy. Now he keeps telling the world he’s writing a memoir. How about when he said the Werewolf Killer was a media creation? I mean, look who’s talking. You know a lot of the time they will edit and voice-over clips taken completely out of context and attribute them to these reality TV stars? It’s called Franken-biting. I looked it up. This guy’s a fraud.”

This writer is of the mind that Ronald Reagan Middleton is in the middle of something wonderful and his success is inspiring!


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